Titan Expander Anti-Trip Barrier 3M Red/White

SKU: Z080-203

Recommended Applications include: Hotels & Resorts, Department Stores, Leisure Centres, Cinema Foyers, Schools & Colleges,

Hospitals, Railway Stations, Garage Forecourts, Air & Sea Ports, Industry, Maintenance & Factory Locations.


When closed the Titan® Expander Barrier is just 550mm which makes it extremely practical for transporting and carrying around.


Expanding action gives user length flexibility fixed-length barriers systems do not have.


The Titan® Expander can conveniently link to JSP´s Titan® and Frontier® Barriers.

Feet Options

Two feet options available; the standard foot and the New Anti-trip Foot design, painted in a high visibility yellow and featuring

two reflectors per foot for extra visibility in low light situations.


Overall weight of 10.5kg means it is light enough to handle with relative ease but stable enough to hold itself upright in windy

conditions, rough ground or hustle and bustle from the public.

Unique Clip

Unique design of clip means that when barrier is closed it is held together for ease of transport and the it can also be used to connect

multiple systems together when extended