Soudaseal 215 LM


Premium-quality, low modulus hybrid polymer sealant. Odourless. Extended open time versus silicones to allow longer tooling of the product. 100% Hybrid Polymer sealant, no shrinkage. Primerless adhesion on nearly all common construction materials such as plastics, masonry, metals and wood even when surfaces are damp. Can be used on sensitive metals such as copper and lead. Non-staining when applied on natural stone substrates, with no hydrophobic effect. No bubble formation within the sealant when applied on damp surfaces. High-performance mechanical properties. Colour stable and UV resistant. Free of harmful chemicals – isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids. Paintable with all water-based paints. Excellent weathering resistance in all climates. Easy to apply, even at low temperatures. Airtight when used as part of Soudal Window System – SWS®. 600ml Foilpack also available.