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We are a forward thinking company, with over 30 years’ experience serving the retail sector. We can supply the products you require as a complete package or stands can be tailored to your requirements. Stands are available as counter top, floor standing or as metre wide fixtures. Stands are supplied [on loan] & merchandised by our team at no cost to you, the retailer. We are importers and distributors of leading brands, Heller, Index, Ox Tools, Diatech Blades & Nailfire.


Heller the world-renowned specialist for professional drilling. As an expert for the development, production and marketing of drill bits for any application, Heller is the preferred choice of professionals on building sites and throughout the industry.

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Index manufacture and control the production process for a wide range of products including Chipboard Screws, High Performance Wood Screws, Concrete Anchors, Throughbolts. Concrete Anchors & Throughbolts are available CE Marked, Fire Rated and with ETA approvals.

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Powerful, dynamic and advanced, the phenomenal OX range raises the benchmark for tool performance, to unprecedented new levels. Using American, German and other European technology, OX products are known for their innovation and toughness and are built up to a standard not down on a price.

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Diatech is a comprehensive range of diamond blades which are renowned for precision, performance and consistent quality.

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Now You Have a Real Choice with the NailFire range of collated nails and fuel cells for use in cordless framing and finishing nail guns.

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