Buyer’s Guide to Concrete Screw Anchors

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Choosing the correct fastener for your project will improve efficiency for the short and long-term. Having the right equipment is more cost-effective as it ensures you don’t need to plan for replacements or encounter damage because of poor materials or poorly planned infrastructure.

One of the issues many people face is knowing how to fix materials to concrete or brick. Concrete is a tough material that requires the correct drill and anchor to get a good bond.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what makes concrete screw anchors so effective and why you should choose them for your future projects.

What are Concrete Screw Anchors? 

Concrete screw anchors are used for fastening materials to concrete. Because of their design, they provide a strong, secure hold for high loads and can be used without damaging the material, even on close edge work. Concrete screw anchors are available in different styles, materials and finishes.

They are fasteners that are specially designed to endure heavy applications and to be used quickly and efficiently, even in tough materials.

Concrete fasteners get their holding values from friction. The concrete screw taps or cuts threads into the base material as it is twisted into the hole.

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When should you use Concrete Screw Anchors?

Concrete screw anchors are commonly used in heavy-duty applications where other fasteners risk bending overtime or not forming suitable adhesion with the concrete. Although concrete screws do a good job of bonding materials to concrete, they are limited to light to medium weights e.g. shelves or furring strips.

You should use concrete screw anchors if you want to get the best hold out of concrete. Concrete is measured in psi (pound-force per square inch) with the standard concrete ranging in strength from about 2,000 psi on the low end and up to 6,000 psi on the high end. The general rule is that the harder the concrete, the better the fastener strength. 

Concrete screw anchors are ideal for piping and heating supports as well as timber framing. Due to their strength, they are also suited for heavy-duty doors and security shutters.

How to install Concrete Screw Anchors? 

  • Drill a hole in the base material with a drill (we recommend a hammer drill) and a correctly sized concrete drill bit for the diameter of the concrete screw you want to use. The hole should be roughly 1/2” deeper than the screw embedment. This is primarily done to keep the screw intact as they can become damaged if they bottom out and also to allow space for any dust you may not be able to remove.
  • Clean out the hole of all debris. Debris left in the hole can hinder the grip the threads get on the hole and reduce fixing strength.
  • Insert the pointed end of the concrete screw through the fixture and into the hole in the base material.
  • Drive the screw slowly, to let the thread tap into the base material.

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Types of Concrete Screw Anchors?

As mentioned above, concrete screw anchors come available in different styles so that you can have a preference of design and finish when it comes to the needs of your projects.

Hex Head anchors

Hex head screws provide the ultimate strength. Hex head screws can be tapped into their holes and then the hex head can be tightened to provide a firmer adhesion. Hex screws are available with standard threading or full threading, depending on the length. Applications for hexagon screws can vary from the exterior and automotive to marine, coastal, and high-temperature environments.

Ankerbolt Thunderbolt Hex Head

The Hex Head Ankerbolt is a self-tapping anchor for use in a variety of base materials.

The self-tapping action provides a positive anchorage in concrete, brick, stone and blocks. Self-tapping screws are particularly suited for use in dry internal conditions or temporary applications where they need to be removed leaving nothing in the substrate.

Tapcon Bi-Metal Hex Masonry Frame Screw

The stainless steel Hex Head concrete screw anchor cuts threads into concrete, brick and hollow block. These fixings are engineered for performance and providing a fastener that lasts. The stainless steel finish ensures that it won’t rust or lose its ability, even in environments where it’s exposed to chemicals.

Index Thunderbolt Hex Head 

This concrete screw has a silver ruspert coating to prevent corrosion against saltwater, gas and weathering. This shanked screw allows for a wider material to adhere to the concrete material with the same secure hold from the long thread.

Flat Head anchors

Flat head anchors are more versatile in application but commonly have lower strength than the hex head alternative due to the lack of head tightening. However, with the flatter head, you receive a flush fix against the surface of the attached material.

Tapcon CSL Concrete Screw

The countersunk concrete screw anchor cuts threads into concrete, brick and hollow block. With a choice of applications to work with, this screw can be the solution for securing materials for whichever construction project they’re needed for. They’re also engineered for performance so you know you’re getting the best.

CSK Multifix screw

This countersunk screw is a light-duty masonry screw alternative that is ideal for fixing ironmongery. With a zinc plated finish, you can be confident that the material won’t corrode. Zinc plating also boasts an impressive cost-effective alternative to stainless steel, especially when only a light-duty solution is required.

Thunderbolt Eye Anchor

A different type of anchor with specific styling, the Thunderbolt Eye is a self-tapping anchor which can be used in the following substrates: concrete, brick, marble, wood, block & stone. Perfect for cabling, these fixings adhere with concrete so you can run wire wherever you need for a clean, secure environment.

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How to choose a Fixing Supplier?

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