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chipboard screws

From the very definition of a chipboard screw through to the best types and sizes, we’ve covered everything to help you decide the best chipboard screw for your project.

Here’s what information you’ll find below:


What is a chipboard screw?

Chipboard screws are self-tapping screws most commonly designed with a single thread that runs all the way from the base of the head to the tip.

The thread of a chipboard screw is often deemed as ‘coarse’. This means there is a larger distance between the peaks of the thread. Therefore, the screw will go through the soft material a lot quicker.

Chipboard screws come in two common types: smooth shank and full thread.

a2 chipboard screw

(A2 Chipboard Screw – full thread)


Chipboard screw types and sizes

Like any aspect of construction, selecting the appropriate material is necessary for ensuring the project is completed to its highest potential. It’s always important to buy a high quality of chipboard screw as the heads of inferior screws can become damaged during tightening.


Smooth Shank Yellow Passivated Screw

Buying a chipboard screw isn’t just about buying the screw you think will get the job done, it’s about buying the screw you know will come through for you. That’s why the high-performance screw is a whole pozi head above the rest.

The high-performance chipboard screws lower the possibility of timber splitting, even at a reduced edge distance.

There’s also no need for prior drilling which allows a secure, faster and precise application. Not to mention it’s more durable as a result of its yellow zinc-plating.

The smooth shank screw is used when fixing wood to wood and creates a flawless finish when applied properly due to its ability to keep the wood flush during the drilling process.

In the right hands, the TEX-BP smooth shank screw will give the perfect, clean finish every time. It has been elaborately designed with its own technical characters which makes it the best choice on the market for high-performance jobs.

So whether you’re fixing ironwork to wood, joining wooden structures, fixing reinforcing metal joints to wood or creating load-bearing wood structures, this screw will make the process cleaner and more efficient.

Key advantages:

  • Self-cleaning coils that expel debris and particles during fixing
  • Special interior self-countersinking in certain measurements
  • Serrated thread on first thread strands to reduce installation torque
  • Angled tip to allow easy centring and penetration from any fixing position
  • Environmentally friendly Cr+6 free coating

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Full Thread Yellow Passivated Screw

Full thread screws are ideal for fastening thin pieces of metal or material to wood. In contrast to smooth shank screws, the top material of a full thread screw can’t move along the shank. As a result, it is held in place by the threads.

Passivating screws is done in order to increase their resistance during and throughout the application. It ensures that they are more durable but also that they last longer once installed.

These screws are ideal for most joinery and fixing applications. Their finish, countersunk design and pozi head makes them an aesthetic and efficient fixing for projects.

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Full Thread Zinc Plated

Zinc plating will lengthen the life of a screw as it acts as a corrosion-resistant barrier between exterior factors and the material beneath the zinc plating.

The zinc plating will endure for as long as it can to prevent rust to the interior screw should damage occur at any point.

These screws can also be used for most joinery and fixing applications and have the same countersunk, pozi style head as the other styles.

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A2 Chipboard Screws

A2 chipboard screws are ideal for use in exterior applications and can survive in any damp environment.

However, it must be ensured that the material it is being applied to can also withstand the wetter weather.

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full thread chipboard screw on white background

(Chipboard Screw – full thread)


How many screws needed in chipboard flooring?

Chipboards are the most commonly specified floorboards in the United Kingdom. Chipboard is versatile and its creation versatility means it can be made to specification to withstand elements and personal requirements.

If the flooring is tongue and grooved then fewer chipboard screws will be required as the floorboards will naturally hold themselves together but a common consensus is that you will need five screws evenly spaced across each joist.

This means you can use as many as 30 screws per board.

high performance chipboard screw smooth shank.

(High-performance chipboard screw – smooth shank)


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