Best Nails For Nail Guns

Nailfire nails from Anchor Fixings

At Anchor Fixings, we provide only the best fixing solutions. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide on the best nails and gas cells for nail guns – and Nailfire comes out on top.

With the right equipment, you can save time and money on your project, delivering a long-lasting and quality result, so let’s explore the benefits of Nailfire further.


Why do Anchor Fixings recommend Nailfire?

We recommend Nailfire because it offers a variety of benefits to the construction industry and high quality fixing across the board.

Importantly, Nailfire can be used without compromising standards outlined in BS EN792-13: 2000 Item 7.2.1a which states that only fasteners listed in the operating instructions may be used in the driving tools. These nails comply with specification laid out in many tool manufacturers operating instructions due to the fact that they have been specially designed for use in a wide variety of 34° clipped head framing nailers as well as 16 gauge nailers.

There are also a number of other benefits to using these nails on site, specifically Nailfire:

  • Fires through all leading D-Head gas powered nail tools
  • Minimises manpower
  • Has been tested by TRADA
  • Accepted by NHBC inspectors
  • Tested and approved as a suitable alternative to other products on the market by the British Standards (BS5534)
  • Offer outstanding quality
  • Are long-lasting
  • Are corrosion resistant

In fact, Nailfire nails can save over 3 hours of work per roof with their d-head nails and fuel pack, making these a truly cost-effective timber to timber fixing solution that can save you time on site.

The outstanding quality of these nails is shown in their durability, offering superior corrosion resistance when compared to other electroplated nails and 10 times the resistance when using hot dipped galvanised nails.


What are EC5 and EN14592? How do Nailfire address these?

EC5 is also known as Eurocode5, a common standard for all timber frame construction across Europe.

BS EN 14592 is a European standard for fasteners and is specifically linked to the Eurocode5 standard for structural fixings. When fixings (including nails) comply they should be CE marked.

Nailfire nails conform to both standards, ensuring it meets the requirements set out across Europe, and are CE marked.


What are the best nails for nail guns?

There is a range of different nails available, varying in size and application. The best nails can only be decided when you’ve considered the type of nail gun you’ll be using and whether it’s being used for framing, finishing, and other fixings.

Brad nails are one of the most popular nails for nail guns. As one of the smallest nails in the nail family (and due to how thin they are) these are often referred to as wire nails. Due to their small heads, these will need to be used with either a pneumatic or gas powered finish nailer.

Finishing nails also work well with nail guns and are very similar to brad nails. These nails are used to finish and put the final touches on a product, including skirting board and architrave. They are best for finishing as they leave a small hole that can be filled in or painted over, leaving no trace.

On the other hand, framing nails are much larger and thicker as they are typically used for fires fixing on larger wood projects as well as fixing walls, roofs, and sub-flooring. These are best used with a framing nailer, which is a heavy duty nailer used to accommodate nails up to 3 1/2 inches.


Who should use Nailfire?

Both construction and engineering companies can benefit from using Nailfire nails. Whether you’re a building contractor, roofing contractor or joiner – the advantages remain the same.

First of all, these nails comply with all European standards and are brandished with CE markings to give you peace of mind. More importantly, these nails can save you time on site whilst also ensuring you deliver a high-quality finish that offers superior corrosion resistance.

Overall this will save construction companies money as they won’t have to spend as much time on a job. With such a high level of corrosion resistance, maintenance and repair costs should also be taken into consideration and will be considerably lower than other nails because Nailfire lasts much longer.

If you would like to make an enquiry about acquiring Nailfire nails for your company, simply get in touch with our friendly team of experts today.


Where can I buy nails for nail guns?

Anchor Fixings is a supplier of nails and nail guns to the construction and engineering industry. From brad nails, framing nails, short fire nails, warm roof fixings, and nail guns – we have everything you need to get fixing.

Our guaranteed fast and friendly service means that you can rely on us to deliver the support and advice you need alongside our high-quality fixing products. In fact, we can deliver directly to your site if needed.

Even enquiring is made easy with our online enquiry basket that simply requires you to browse our range of fixing solutions, add any items you need, and we’ll get back to you straight away with our best prices.


When to use Nailfire

As with any construction project, there will be different nail types needed depending on if you’re working on the first fix or second fix. Thankfully, there are Nailfire nails available for both.

For a first fix, you should use the FirstFix Framing Nails. Framing nails are ideal for the first fix process as they are typically used for structural work including the construction of walls, floors, and ceilings.

When working on a second fix you should consider SecondFix Finishing Nails.


How can I reduce the costs of framing and structural work?

The most effective way of reducing the costs of framing and structural work is to plan ahead strategically and consider the materials being used for your project.

Something as small as a nail can make a big difference, especially when it can cut the time spent on a task by at least 3 hours.


Nail gun in use - nailfire nails


Which nail guns are Nailfire compatible with?

Nailfire nails are compatible with most popular nailers, however, you have to consider the type of nail you’re using when looking for the most compatible nail gun.

FirstFix Framing Nails are best suited to 34° clipped head framing nailers. We would recommend the BeA Cordless Gas ‘D’ Head Nail Gun – D90-660E.

In terms of the best nail guns for SecondFix Finish Nails, 16 Gauge Straight and 16 Gauge Angled nailers work best. We would recommend the BeA Cordless Gas 16g St. Finish Nail Gun – SK464-652E.

If you’re unsure of the best nail or nail gun for your project, our helpful team is on hand to help from 7am – 5pm.

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