A Buyer’s Guide to Second Fix Nails

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In our Buyer’s Guide to First Fix Nails, we outlined how important it was to use the correct fixings and tools for stages of building and specific materials. But that was just the first stage.

In this guide, we’ll talk about what fixings and accessories you need for the second stage of the building project and what makes them special.

What does second fix mean? 

The ‘second fix’ stage is usually after the internal surfaces have been fitted in a project. While the first stage is the process of getting everything together, the second fix stage is typically finishing work (usually after plastering is done).

A lot of finishing nails do not have heads, which means they do not leave an impression on surfaces and hinder a smooth finish.


How do you fit second fix nails? 

Sometimes the names for styles of second fix nail guns get used interchangeably. The nail guns used at the second fix stage are ‘finish’ nail guns and ‘brad’ nail guns. We’ll cover these more below.

As this is the finish stage and the material being nailed isn’t quite as robust as the infrastructure of the first fix, second fix nailers are considered ‘softer’.

The jobs that require fixing aren’t so large and do not need as much fastening. This is usually because they are internal and do not carry as much weight or support as the beams first fix nails are typically used on. They are also not exposed to the elements in the same way.

By using smaller nails, builders can reduce the risk of any potential impressions or damage to the work area.

When it comes to second fix nailers, there’s also the choice between straight and angled designs. As some places that require finishing fixtures can be in crevices or slightly hidden away, these angled nail guns can be very beneficial.

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What is the right nail gun for your second fix project?

D683-461NF – Brad Nailer

Brad nailers use what are called brad nails. Brads are a thinner gauge of nail that is usually used to attach lightweight trim and thinner materials.

A great advantage of using a brad nailer is that because brads are thin, and barely have a head, the hole will not need to be disguised or covered.

The NailFire Brad Nailer is a great solution for those fine little finishing touches. It is capable of nail lengths from 25-64mm and comes complete with two high capacity batteries, a charger and a case which means you can take it wherever you need and keep on going for longer!

The surface can also dictate which nail gun you should use. If you are fitting materials to surfaces such as drywall then you’ll need an increased hold. Drywall isn’t as structurally sound and brad nails will easily detach because they can’t hold with as much surface area.


Where should you buy second fix nails? 

At Anchor Fixings, we offer a personal and speedy service that you can trust. We stock high-quality brands that guarantee to make your project go by more smoothly.

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