A Buyer’s Guide to First Fix Nails

first fix nails

At Anchor Fixings, we have over thirty years of experience specialising in the supply of standard and non-standard fixings across the United Kingdom in the construction, and related sectors. Our expansive range of fixing solutions offers high-quality items at great prices that are suitable for practically any project.

However, one of our specialties is nails and anyone in this business knows everything falls apart without them. Choosing the correct supplier of nails and materials ensures your project is strong and efficient from the start. Which is why planning your first fix stage and ensuring you have the right equipment to carry it out is so important.


What does first fix mean?

So, what is first fix? Put simply, first fix is a term used to describe the first part of the construction process prior to a stage where interior fittings are able to be inserted. Although the first fix stage is not usually visible at the project’s completion it doesn’t diminish its importance as the initial stage.

The first fix process provides the structure and strong foundation that the second fix and third fix will be built upon. As a result, it is imperative that this first stage is of unwavering quality so that the rest of the project can proceed to the same standard.

As the first fix stage is structural, it is necessary to ensure the bonding and connections between materials is carried out carefully, concisely and with the right nails to hold everything together.

However, we also know that you can’t just cater for the first fix stage as the construction process goes far beyond this which is why we’re happy to help explain the right nail for each fix.


Why choose a specific fixing nail?

With so many fixing products available all across the market from lots of different stockists, it’s important to find a specific range and supplier that you can trust. Construction can be complicated enough as it is so let us try to simplify it.


First Fix Nails

Typically speaking, framing nails are your go to for the first fix stage. We recommend Nailfire’s framing nails for this initial process. Not only do they have diamond points for maximum penetration into timber to timber frames but they also come in a range of coatings, allowing them to be used for interior and exterior projects. Not to worry about the project size either because the NailFire FirstFix range comes in Trade Pack varieties ( 3000 pieces ) as well as ‘Handy Packs’ ( 1000 pieces ).


Second Fix Nails

Even though it is the first fix stage that will require the most use of nails, it is not to say that they won’t be required for the second fix process. For this phase, there is a choice between brad nails and finishing nails. There are notable differences between the two types but typically brad nails are smaller.

Brad nails are a thinner gauge of nail and therefore are perfect for attaching lightweight trims. Finishing nails are far more versatile and have a larger diameter, ensuring a stronger fix, especially when attaching heavier boards and materials to surfaces such as drywall.

Therefore, your specific project needs are imperative to this decision and so is the question of how exactly you’re going to fit these nails.


framing nails


How do you fit your first fix nails?

Choosing the right nail gun for your project will make everything far more efficient and simple. We’ve already touched on the best nails for nail guns but choosing the right nail gun entirely depends on the stage of the process it’s required for and what nails it can take.

For a first fix nail gun we recommend the Nailfire Cordless Gas ‘D’ Head Nail Gun – D90 due to its depth adjustment feature which makes it perfect for getting the correct penetration between timbers.

For a second fix choice we reckon the Nailfire Cordless Gas 16g Straight Finish Nail Gun is the guy for the job, thanks to its lightweight, balanced design and powerful battery (up to 4,000 shots per charge).  Both products come with two high capacity batteries, charger and a case.
Don’t let your project come to a halt because you need more gas cells either, buy them alongside your nail guns at the checkout.


second fix nails


Where to buy first fix nails?

As already mentioned, choosing the right supplier is hard but we can make it simple. At Anchor Fixings, we offer a personal and speedy service that you can trust. We stock high-quality brands that guarantee to make your project go by more smoothly.

Our online enquiry basket is easy to use, meaning that you can get great products with barely any fuss. Then, once you’re done investing, our drivers deliver directly to your site and if you spend over £100 you’ll even get a pack of free sweets to put a smile on everyone’s face.

So open an account with us today and let our team help you manage your account and any questions you have using years of experience and a passion for fixings.

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